In one sentence, why is family the most important thing in the world?

In One sentence:

For Everyone Out you are only one,For your family you are their Everything.

- - - -

As simple as it is.

From good to bad and even the worst experience of my life of 19 years 3 months 17 days and when I lost my hope,I lost confidence on myself,Direction less,when everyone was opposite to me My family was with me.

From no one knows to me,and when Everyone will know me My family will always with me.

When I am nothing and when I will be someone My family will always there.

When my hands are empty and My hands will Full My family will always with me.

My heartbeat is My family,Every blood flows from heart to body is the love of my family either it is My father and mummas hard work who nourish me ,My mummma who filled love in my heart's.

From good to bad ,they teach me to see both side of coins.

No more words…Lot of feelings and emotions from heart.

If you want to change the world ,Go and love your family.-Unknown(But lovely)

Mummas Boy.

[I posted this on quora on Mar 10, 2018]